Penang Food
Georgetown, Malaysia
February 2015
Malay Vegetarian Buffet
Fruit Shop
Tandoori Ayam - Indian Baked Chicken & Nan Bread
Nasi Campur - Malaysian Rice, Buffet
Nasi Campur
Nasi Campur 2
Cracker & Chip Shop
Dim Sum - Chinese Breakfast
Roti Canai & Kopi - Indian/Malay Breakfast
Paying For Your Meal
In chinese shops you must always pay when you are served. At a buffet you take your plate to the cashier, who arbitrarily assesses the value. Mostly based how many different things you have. If you take a huge pile of one item on your rice it can be very cheap, but take a tiny bit of of many things and it can get expensive.

At Malay and Indian shops you pay when you leave. If it is a buffet style then a staffperson comes around to valuate your meal. If they are busy or just slack, they may not get to you before you have eaten all the evidence. Then you must try and explain what you had. Most Malaysians speak excellent English, but describing what you had, well look at the selection above.

Malaysia is famous for its "Hawker Stalls". These can be mobile stalls, booths along a wide spot in the road or several renting space in a chinese shophouse. Sorry no photos of these... next trip.

With hawker stalls, the ethnicity of the vendor governs the payment method as described above. But in the case of the chinese shophouse scenario, the house sells the drinks, which of course must be paid for when served. But if your meal is from a malay stall, you must remember to pay before you leave.