Perkins Peak
South of Kleena Kleene
July 2009

Mount Perkins from Tatla Lake

Mount Perkins

The peak

View to the southeast

One of the glacial lakes

Many mosquitos here, luckily I had my screen tent

Set up camp on the only flat spot, if it rains I'll get flooded out, but little chance of that.

View from the tent

Desolate, foreboding, silent and beautiful

On top of the world

Glacial lakes at sundown

Evening with moon above the peak

It will be another 30c+ day, so an early rise for the hike up to the viewpoint.
There is a track pushed through the scree to make the journey possible.

The peak in the early sun

Looking southeast from the veiwpoint trail (camp in lower left)

The darker rock above the lake has a black lichen growing on it,
I suspect the lighter rock was covered in glacial ice until the last few years

Plants in the scree, even a spruce this far above the treeline

Interesting lichens

This is a view from south-west-north in early morning
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This is a view from north-east-southeast in late evening
Click this picture to see the full panorama